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We constantly provide high quality digital dental restorations and appliances delivered quickly to digital dentists.

Splints & Removables

Custom Digital Bite Splints & Night Guards

Until recently, occlusal splints and night guards required a traditional impression using alginate, a process subject to much imprecision and misfit, requiring extra time and expense for correction. Also, of course, the distasteful process causes gag reflexes in patients.

At Dynamic Digital Dental Laboratory, our all-digital workflow for producing occlusal splints and night guards will help your practice optimize your efficiency as well as patient satisfaction. From the initial intraoral scan, allowing you to collect patient anatomy digitally for each case, you and your team will find the workflow to be much more satisfying and efficient, just as you’ll find the chairside fitting to be more exact and precise.

This low-labor, fast-turnaround, and high-accuracy process will save your practice money and time as it increases your ROI. Please reach out to us at Dynamic Digital Dental Lab to find out more about partnering with us.ab to find out more about partnering with us.

Bite Splints vs. Night Guards

TMJ splints and night guards have different purposes. Occlusal bite splints deliver support and stability to the jaw. Our nonpermissive and permissive models can relieve the pain from malocclusion. The design enables more vertical support than a night guard, since we design them for the lower jaw, which guides the teeth into a natural alignment.

Night guards work best to treat chronic bruxism and clenching. Our digital dental products eliminate unwanted wear and fractures while reducing symptoms such as headaches and myofascial pain. While no night guard can cure bruxism, our state-of-the-art 3D-printed products can make a world of difference for sleep quality as they cushion and reduce the damage from bruxism.

At our digital dental lab, our dental designers, technicians, and 3D printer operators use CAD/CAM technology to take your case scans, which you’ve created and submitted digitally. With them, we design the treatment for each case then import it into print preparation software.
From there, it goes to the printer, where we print it using the highest quality of the material you’ve selected. After printing, we cure it, then grind and polish it to a smooth finish. At that point, it’s ready for delivery to you.

We utilize a range of materials, models, and colors to ensure a comfortable fit. Standard splints take five business days to manufacture, though we offer two-day rush delivery for most products.

Popular Types of Dynamic Bite Splints

  • Anterior Deprogrammer Occlusal Splints

Our anterior deprogrammer is a type of occlusal splint that corrects the anterior teeth. The splint discludes posterior teeth and prevents grinding. Since the body has a reflexive design, it alleviates pressure while in use. Dentists can also use this durable model for TMJ and severe bruxism.

  • Full Contact Bite Splints

Patients that grind their teeth can find relief with full-contact bite splints. The high-strength acrylic night guard features a clear design trimmed to the desired points of contact. Each splint contains a set of ball clasps to maintain the necessary tension and alleviate grinding or minor TMJ.

  • Flat Occlusal Plane Splints

Any patient with occlusal or intracapsular disorders stands to benefit from a flat occlusal plane splint. The night guard provides comprehensive coverage, including contact with opposing teeth. Our technicians custom-design it to correct any bite inaccuracies. Additionally, the bacteria and moisture-resistance complexion make it ideal for long-term use.

And More –

There are many other design options for your and your patients. If you have a unique design, speak with one of our design technicians, and they can customize a splint design to meet your needs.

Dynamic Digital Dental Lab Focuses on Accuracy, Consistency, Quality, & Connection

Accuracy, consistency, quality, and connection serve as the backbone of our values at Dynamic Digital Dental Lab. These values guide every action we take and every design we make, ranging from the materials we choose to our turnaround times. We take pride in going above and beyond for clients like you to enable our dental professionals to provide the best dental care possible.

At Dynamic Digital Dental Lab, no detail is too small. We sweat the small stuff so that our dentists and patients don’t have to worry. Our meticulous approach has enabled us to manufacture the finest bite splints in Michigan.

Each one of our splints and removables aims to restore patients’ natural dental functioning. The sturdy and functional material creates a snug fit with the teeth, minimizing the need for adjustments. As long as patients use the product as intended, they should experience a dramatic decline in teeth grinding and bruxism.

Michigan Digital Dental Laboratory Providing Splints and Guards

We live in stressful times, and the coronavirus pandemic has done nothing to alleviate the problem. As a result, the demand for night guards is at record levels. Our premium bite splints and mouth guards offer a solution that curbs harmful teeth grinding and sleep apnea.

With our emphasis on a complete digital workflow in the cycle of producing prosthetic restorations as well as corrective appliances, Dynamic Digital Dental Lab stands out as a leader in the digital dental industry in the Upper Midwest and throughout the United States. We have assisted dentists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons in protecting their patients’ teeth through innovative solutions for nearly 20 years.

Discover the difference that Dynamic Digital Dental Lab can make for your practice. Get in touch with one of our expert technicians by calling (248) 919-7929 today. We’ll also include a 10% discount on night guards when you purchase a crown.

Partnering with Dynamic Digital Dental Laboratory

Are you interested in working alongside Dynamic Digital Dental Lab to serve your practice?

Reach out to our digital dental lab in Michigan for all your restorative needs. Our innovative solutions and cost effective products will change the way you work with your digital impression system.

Our team specializes in digital impression systems and digital dentistry workflows. We use cutting-edge technology to create crowns, bridges, implants, splints, and more. Our digital workflows allow us to return your dental work quickly for you and your patients. The quicker processes also ensure that we can keep our rates low and quality high.