About Us

Dynamic Digital Dental Lab is a cutting-edge dental lab that specializes in providing dentists and specialists with high-quality digital dental restorations.

We are a completely digital lab, offering competitive prices and accelerated turnaround times on dental restoration work. Our team values integrity, providing high-quality products that reflect well on your office and enhance your patients’ quality of life.

What Makes Us Different?

The appeal of Dynamic Digital Dental Lab’s system is that we help you save time and money compared to your current dental lab. Dynamic Digital Dental Lab’s systematic approach to digital dentistry significantly increases consistency and accuracy on your technicians using 3Shape design software transform. You send digital files online, and our state-of-the-art digital technology allows us to transform this information patient into high-quality implants and appliances. We provide consistent products for every project, regardless of the scope or complications involved.

Our team values integrity, providing high-quality products that reflect well on your office and enhance your patients’ quality of life. We provide steadfast care to dental offices in Michigan and throughout the Midwest. If you need training or details about our processes, do not hesitate to call us directly.

starSuperior Work

We provide superior dental restorations for your patients with natural esthetics and unprecedented strength. Top-of-the-line materials ensure reliable, long-lasting results for you and your patients. Our products are available in any shade and custom shaded when requested. Our skilled technicians are committed to accuracy and consistency, ensuring a comfortable fit every time.

SignalConnections that Count

Do you need help with your digital impression system? Our team makes themselves available for all your needs, including 24/7 communication on our convenient Customer Portal. If you prefer, you can reach out to us through our messaging system or an email—we value your time enough to offer you myriad efficient digital communication options.

We’ve fully embraced the digital revolution, allowing us to provide our customers with quality products at affordable prices.

As an all-digital dental laboratory serving dentists and specialists in Michigan and surrounding areas, we offer accurate dental implants fast. Our digital dental laboratory specializes in crowns and bridges, implants, splints, restorations, digital partials, digital wax-ups and custom smile design.

Our team utilizes digital technology as a powerful ally, treating each case with integrity and sympathy to produce the best possible products. We strive to save you time and money on every order by creating accurate dental restorations and appliances. We take the digital scans you provide and generate high-quality results in record time.

Meet the Owners Don Fishell and Frank Murray

Donald Fishell is a founding member of Dynamic Digital Dental and currently holds the title of CFO. Don Is a certified 3shape and Medit trainer and specializes in Implant systems and Digital Impressions. With over 20 years’ experience in the sales and customer service role Don insures Dynamic Digital Dental lab the best customer service experience possible for our doctors and patients.

Don Spent his summers in college selling books door to door across the country and finished his international business degree in the Netherlands.  While studying in Europe he was able to travel thru many countries and even ventured to India and Nepal making his trek into the Himalayan Mountain range.  When not in the Lab you can catch him on the pontoon, in the woods riding Dirt bikes or playing drums in a local band. Dons’ true passion is his family and making Dynamic Digital Dental Lab the world class organization it is today. 

Frank Murray’s experience in the digital dental laboratory industry forms the backbone of our work at Dynamic Digital Dental Lab. Frank mastered digital dentistry over 19 years before pioneering Dynamic Digital Dental Lab from his work in a dental lab in Michigan.

Frank puts his experience to work as a resource for the production of dental cases. His product development and workflow expertise prepared Frank well for the running of Dynamic Digital Dental Lab’s services in the area. He has worked in digital beta testing and offered training in-office for dental specialists around the area for many years.

Another benefit is Frank’s experience with different manufacturers and dental components. It helps ensure that Dynamic Digital Dental Lab produces high-quality cases at competitive prices. He takes a hands-on approach to service here at Dynamic Digital Dental Lab. Feel free to contact him if you have questions about digital dentistry, case options, or scanning procedures.


Employment Opportunities

Are you interested in seeking employment at Dynamic Digital Dental Lab? Our team is growing and open to adding talented team members. Why not consider us if you are looking to grow your career in dentistry?

If you are actively looking for work as a Dental Technician, contact us about how we can assist you. We consider entry-level applicants to those with advanced experience in the dental laboratory field.

Partnering with Dynamic Digital Dental Laboratory

Are you interested in working alongside Dynamic Digital Dental Lab to serve your practice?

Reach out to our digital dental laboratory in Michigan for full-service options for your dental clinic today. You may find yourself embracing a new way of ordering dental implants and cases alongside our innovative solutions.

Our team specializes in digital dentistry and digital dental laboratory procedures. We use cutting-edge technology to create bridges, crowns, implants, splints, and more. Our digital procedures allow us to complete these items quickly for you and your patients. The quicker processes also ensure that we can keep our rates low and support your business with those cost-effective services.