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We constantly provide high quality digital dental restorations and appliances delivered quickly to digital dentists.


Your Digital Implant Experts

We are your Digital Dentistry Implant experts. Dynamic Digital Dental works with every implant system available. From Atlantis To Zimmer we have you covered. We are a preferred Biohorizons lab as well as Encode Empowered. Need help Digitally scanning an implant case? Give us a call and we can guide you along the way.

In order to make sure every restoration goes smoothly, Dynamic Digital Dental Lab guides you through the process of obtaining the correct scan body for your case. We work with all of the digital impression scanners and understand what scan body works best with what system and implant.

Don’t waste time trying to decipher what scan body to choose. When you have that implant case scheduled, call and speak with one of our experienced technicians to order you the right part for the patient.

What are Implants?

Dental Implants are the preferred method for tooth replacement. They are composed of the implant, abutment and restoration and provide the most biocompatible option for your patient’s tooth-replacement needs. Dynamic Digital Dental lab offers abutments and restorations in a variety of material and design options.

Implant planing, design and material selection can present some challenges. At Dynamic Digital Dental Lab, our technicians have decades of experience working with dental implants to help guide you and your team to choose the right solution for your patient.

Types of Implants

  • Custom Screw Retained Implant

The Custom Screw Retained Implant is quick and comfortable to install. Cementation in the lab prevents bone loss due to residual cement that can be left after implants that are cemented at the time of surgery. This benefits the patient’s comfort and makes future retrieval for repairs much easier.

  • Custom Abutment with a Cement-Retained Crown

Custom Abutment with a Cement-Retained Crown is the implant for people with a less than perfect bite. The custom titanium abutment provides an excellent foundation for the crown cemented on by the Doctor. The Custom Abutment with a Cement-retained crown is typically used when the angulation of the screw channel is not ideal.

  • Stock Titanium Base

The titanium base is an integral part of the final restoration, serving as the connector between the implant and the final restoration. Dynamic Digital Dental Lab partners with top implant system manufacturers to provide a wide selection of titanium bases. Our partners include BioHorizons, Zimmer Biomet – Empowered Lab, Straumann Implants, TruAbutment, and Nobel Biocare.

  • Eco Screw-Retained Provisionals

Our standard provisional — the eco-screw retained provisional — consists of monochromatic PMMA. The tissue-forming provisional crown package includes the model, a DIM analog, and a try-in screw. We also offer multi-layer PMMA for a slight additional charge.

  • OEM Screw-Retained Provisional

Some practices prefer to use OEM components. We cater to these needs with our OEM screw-retained provisionals that are made from monochromatic PMMA.

The custom tissue-forming provisional screw-retained crown also includes a DIM analog and try-in screw. All components in this package are OEM. You can also choose multi-layer PMMA for a small additional fee.

  • Screw-Retained Dental Implants

This option is our dental implant technique of choice, especially for multiple implants. The main benefit is that clinicians can remove implants without affecting the quality of the implant. This cement-free process provides a robust framework for multiple implants, which improves implant stability and provides predictable retention.

Our implant package includes the model, a DIM analog, the screw, and a custom-made zirconia crown. We recommend zirconia as our material of choice, as it provides excellent durability and retention while still closely mimicking the opalescence and translucence of a natural tooth. We can also provide an optional seating jig for an additional $10.

Call us today to talk to a technician and discuss your options.

  • Esthetic Implant Crown

Esthetic implant crowns offer many of the same benefits as esthetic screw-retained crowns. They have pre-shaded bases in one of the 16 VITA shades and an ultra-durable design. The custom abutment ensures perfect harmony with the perioral facial structure.

  • Esthetic Screw-Retained Implant Crown

This high-strength zirconia crown comes with a pre-shaded tri-base and 16 VITA shades. Dentists can keep their cement in the drawer since the crown locks in place with a screw. While we recommend esthetic screw-retained crowns for anterior implants, they’re flexible enough for any position in the mouth.

  • OEM Screw-Retained Implant Crown

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) screw-retained implant crowns serve as a cost-effective alternative to pricier crowns. The high-quality model contains translucent zirconia that replicates the natural complexion of teeth. Since the model has a screw, dentists don’t need to touch cement to put it in place.

The Importance of Implant Accuracy

Designing dental implants requires an incredible understanding of anatomical physics and an inherent ability to think outside the box. Our dental design team has decades of experience in working both the digital and analog implant workflow. Having that trusted advisor involved with the process gives you and your patient a stress-free experience like no other lab can deliver. Dynamic Digital Dental Lab prides in being the trusted companion with Dentists throughout the implant process. We strive to make each case perfect every time.

Michigan Digital Dental Implant Laboratory

At Dynamic Digital Dental Lab, we are Michigan’s leading digital dental implant laboratory. Digital impressions provide more accurate results and speed up every aspect of the workflow.

Our clients have the confidence that they will get an excellent fit the first time, preventing the need for additional chairside visits and adjustments.

As part of our services, we offer dentists access to our technicians and engineers who can guide them through the 3D workflow. We are always here to answer your questions and to help you deliver a quality implant to your patients.

At Dynamic Digital Dental Lab, we understand that dentists need reliable products with a fast turnaround time. We offer boutique-level implants, crowns, and bridges at affordable prices and with exceptional turnaround times. We only use the highest quality parts and materials in our implants that look and feel like natural dentition giving your patients confidence in their smile.

If you have an upcoming implant or want to find out more about our various dental implant offerings, call our lab at (248) 919 7929 to speak to a technician. We look forward to assisting you with your next case soon!

Partnering with Dynamic Digital Dental Laboratory

Are you interested in working alongside Dynamic Digital Dental Lab to serve your practice?

Reach out to our digital dental lab in Michigan for all your restorative needs. Our innovative solutions and cost effective products will change the way you work with your digital impression system.

Our team specializes in digital impression systems and digital dentistry workflows. We use cutting-edge technology to create crowns, bridges, implants, splints, and more. Our digital workflows allow us to return your dental work quickly for you and your patients. The quicker processes also ensure that we can keep our rates low and quality high.