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We constantly provide high quality digital dental restorations and appliances delivered quickly to digital dentists.

3D Printing Services

3D Dental Printing Services

Many dental practices are buying 3D printers for their office, but quickly realize how messy and time consuming they can be. Let us make the mess! Dynamic Digital Dental Lab invests in the best printing technology so you don’t have to. Your office won’t need to purchase any additional software, just send us the scan.

Our technicians can design a wax-up for your case and print the model for you to use for case acceptance, study model, temporization, or more.

At Dynamic Digital Dental Lab, we’re transforming 3D dental printing services. We utilize a technology-driven process to create precise-fitting restorations that have won over dental professionals and patients alike. Welcome to the future of dental applications.

Quick Turnaround on 3D Models

At Dynamic Digital Dental Lab, we work quickly to ensure that you don’t wait longer than necessary to receive your order. We quote standard turnaround times, but please know that we can frequently get your orders for your cases to you in less time, and we have the ability to accommodate urgent rush orders.

Our standard turnaround to design, manufacture, and deliver printed models is 3 days, but rush cases can be as quick as same day. If you need to rush a printed service, please call (248) 919-7929 to discuss the case before sending. We will make every effort to meet your deadline.

3D | Accuracy & Reliability

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of accuracy in dental work. A millimeter can make the difference between a comfortable bridge and extreme discomfort. Our 3D digital printing for dentists produces precise dental solutions that capture the tiniest details.

In recent years, 3D printing has grown in popularity, and the technology has improved dramatically. The margins of error have almost disappeared, while automation has reduced the demand for labor.

As a result, our 3D printers allow us to replicate multiple prosthetics or appliances at once with a single digital copy. These devices can shape models down to several microns, making the final products more consistent than anything humans could make by hand.

Of course, 3D printing technology still has room to grow. At Dynamic Digital Dental Lab, we’re constantly beta-testing the latest technologies and techniques to keep our production on the cutting edge. It’s our way of maintaining high-quality products and services for our clients, the dental professionals.

Types of 3D Printing

The use of digital impressions will optimize your clinical in-office performance and also minimize operational errors as well as the cost of materials. After we receive a scan file from your office team for restorative, implant restoration, or neuromuscular orthotics, we will use it to design and fabricate exceptional digitally produced appliances and restoration work to your precise specifications.

Through additive manufacturing (printing layer-upon-layer from the inside out), we are able to duplicate the features of the tooth, such as its ridges, peaks and valleys, more precisely than ever before. Unlike CEREC technology, which relies on milling to shave down a ceramic block by subtracting layers, 3D printing adds layers with more precision, resulting in a better fit.

  • Crowns and Bridges

Digital dentistry has transformed the way that dental professionals think about crowns and bridges. Additive manufacturing streamlines the processing, reducing the time between diagnosis and treatment. Our dental lab manufactures a range of crowns and bridges to ensure that dentists get the unique design that meets their patients’ needs. We manufacture these restorations out of a variety of materials, with several types of zirconia ceramic as our most-preferred products.

  • Veneers

It has never been easier to manufacture high-quality veneers, thanks to 3D dental printers and CAD/CAM technology.

  • Splints and Night Guards

For your patients with unwanted clenching and bruxisms, our 3D-printed splints and night guards are available with expedient turnaround and in durable materials.

  • Sports Guards

Our individually designed sports guards guarantee premium protection for athletes. The models come with a more comfortable fit than traditional options since the covering doesn’t obstruct airflow.

Michigan 3D Digital Dental Laboratory

When dentists need 3D printing in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, or the rest of the United States, they come to Dynamic Digital Dental Lab. Thanks to our forward-thinking technology and compassionate customer service, we have earned a reputation as an industry leader. Our commitment to our clients is why some dental professionals have made us the only 3D printer they’ll ever use.

Our dental 3D printers’ services provide dentists, oral surgeons, and orthodontists a reliable source for high-quality dental solutions. Whether your patient needs a custom sports guard or full contact splint, we have the technology and skill to make it happen. Every project receives the same attention to detail and accuracy from start to finish.

Best of all, we offer affordable prices for our 3D printing services. Dynamic Digital Dental Lab guarantees that our restorations will fit, saving you time and money on repairs. We offer a lot of value for new customers. You can receive a complimentary crown when you sign up for our services. Plus, we provide digital scanning training sessions for your team members.

Dental professionals trust Dynamic Digital Dental Lab. Call us at (248) 919-7929 to discuss what our 3D digital printing for dentists can do for your practice. You can also reach us by email at today.

Partnering with Dynamic Digital Dental Laboratory

Are you interested in working alongside Dynamic Digital Dental Lab to serve your practice?

Reach out to our digital dental lab in Michigan for all your restorative needs. Our innovative solutions and cost effective products will change the way you work with your digital impression system.

Our team specializes in digital impression systems and digital dentistry workflows. We use cutting-edge technology to create crowns, bridges, implants, splints, and more. Our digital workflows allow us to return your dental work quickly for you and your patients. The quicker processes also ensure that we can keep our rates low and quality high.