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Zirconia materials have evolved more in the last 5 years then other materials have evolved over many decades. In the past Zirconia was known to be a blank white, opaque material. At Dynamic Digital Dental we utilize the best Zirconia available that comes pre shaded and has high translucency capable of some amazing aesthetic results. New chemical formulations and manufacturing processes have given new Zirconia that have the strength of some metals, but the color and translucency of natural teeth. Dynamic Digital Dental Lab researches and tests every new material, to provide you and your patients with the best tooth replacement options.

Zirconia wears great on opposing dentition when polished to a high shine. We properly control the surface structure of the zirconia in processing to assure a natural wear on the opposing.

At Dynamic Digital Dental Lab, our crown and bridge dental lab produces durable zirconia dental prosthetics using a completely digital workflow. Our products do not leave visible gray streaks or reflections like their ceramic counterparts. The results are natural-looking crowns and bridge restorations that outperform any other dental material.

At Dynamic Digital Dental Lab, we handle everything from a single unit to classic roundhouse fabrications. We leverage cutting-edge technology to design precision crowns and bridges that fit on the first try. Our client-centric approach enables dentists to streamline their time and effort when treating patients.

Why Zirconia?

Zirconia (zirconium dioxide, ZrO2) is an extremely strong and robust dental biomaterial with the highest mechanical strength of any non-metal. It’s impervious to fractures, chips, and dents.

Zirconia-based ceramic restorations function especially well on teeth subject to the stresses of bruxism and TMJ such as back molars. Zirconia ceramic shares a lot of similarities with traditional PFM crowns but they are much more durable. Dentists can prepare them in the same way, using a knife-edge finish line or butt shoulder.

The exceedingly strong metal, zirconium (Zr), shares many physical and chemical properties with titanium (Ti). Both metals have become preferred materials in implant dentistry because of their biocompatibility. They do not inhibit the bone forming cells (osteoblasts) that are necessary for osseointegration

Today, dentists worldwide recommend zirconia crowns and bridges. Not only do the products offer unparalleled strength, but they also guarantee longevity, biocompatibility, and corrosion resistance. Many zirconia restorations have a zirconia core with a porcelain veneer to provide suitable anatomic contour and esthetic styling.

Types of Zirconia Crowns

Our crown and bridge digital dental lab manufactures zirconia bridges in all shapes and sizes. Clients can select from a variety of shades, ensuring the perfect color to match neighboring teeth. The high translucency mimics the vibrance and texture of its natural counterpart. You can choose crown types based on anterior or posterior positions as well.

  • Esthetic Multi-layered Zirconia Crown

The recent introduction of anterior zirconia materials has led many dental practitioners to switch from lithium disilicate to layered zirconia for anterior restorations. Our layered zirconia product consists of high-translucent multi-layered zirconia. Although it is a favorite for anterior crowns, it works anywhere in the mouth

  • High-Strength Zirconia Bridge

Some dentists still rely on PFM bridges. While that dental solution works well for low-stress teeth, they don’t have the tensile strength to withstand posterior restoration. Zirconia bridges allow dental professionals to upgrade pontics now and in the future.

Digital Dental Laboratory Specializing in Zirconia Crowns and Bridges

Dynamic Digital Dental Lab has earned a reputation as a leader in the digital dental industry. We specialize in premium solutions that deliver more accuracy and higher quality results than traditional impressions. Our products offer a comfortable fit while maintaining the realism necessary for a seamless prosthetic.

Our implant and restorative solutions don’t just look better than PFM ones—they’re also more durable. The strength of zirconia allows our dental laboratory technicians to create a thinner shell that doesn’t sacrifice durability. As a result, the bridge is less likely to impinge on the gums or other teeth.

We use only the best materials with all of our crown and bridge cases. Each of our crowns and bridges utilizes the finest possible materials. We also include a fit check model at no additional charge. Our transition to digital workflow has enabled us to expedite turnarounds while still manufacturing accurate and comfortable prosthetics. Our standard orders take five business days to complete, though dentists can secure two-day turnarounds for an extra $25.

Find out what makes our crown and bridge lab the leading choice among dentists across the United States. We’re always available to discuss production options or the details of a complex case. Please reach out to us by calling us at (248) 919-7929 or contacting us through our customer portal.

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