We provide digital dentists with high-quality dental restorations and appliances at a great price.

At Dynamic Digital Dental Lab, we design and deliver value-enhancing dental products to dentists and dental specialists across the United States. We utilize the latest in digital technology to create precise and comfortable solutions at competitive rates. Our commitment to quality has helped us earn the trust of Dentists, Periodontists, Oral Surgeons, and Prosthodontists for all their complex and simple cases.

Need a cost effective solution to handle your dental laboratory needs while also being stress free?

Who we are

Our commitment to superior solutions and customer service has made Dynamic Digital Dental Lab a leader in the digital dental solutions market.

We have a state of the art facility with highly skilled technicians who understand the ins and outs of the industry. Whether you own a single office or several hundred, we produce restorations and and provide support tailored to your needs.

Dynamic Digital Dental lab does the hard work so that you, the dentist, can rest assured you will get a restoration or appliance that will look like the patients natural teeth. Digital workflows allow us to provide this dental work quickly, allowing your to get reimbursed faster.

We take pride in developing personalized solutions for your patients and offering hands-on educational opportunities for your team. That way, as dental professionals, you can have peace of mind and the support you need to treat patients.

How we can help

Our Solutions

We constantly provide high quality digital dental restorations and appliances delivered quickly to digital dentists.

Why us

Why Dynamic Digital Dental Lab?

Our lab can serve your digital dental technology needs more efficiently and with more precision than any other labs in the region. Besides being accurate and fast, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our materials, incredible fit in the patients mouth, and the best price-points for the exceptional quality we provide.

At Dynamic Digital Dental Lab, we digitally craft dental restorations and appliances that are constant and accurate to the last micron. Our tooth replacement options are made of the latest materials giving your patients a natural replacement. The ultra-precise design and fabrication guarantee that each restoration fits with little to no adjustment while matching your patients esthetics.

We typically ship cases within 5 business days, but can also accommodate rush cases as quick as next day.

At Dynamic Digital Dental Lab, we test all of the latest high quality materials to assure the most natural replacement option for your patients. From Acrylic to Zirconia, and everything in-between, our experts can help guide what material is best.

Our dental prosthetics and other patient appliances from Dynamic Digital Dental Lab are engineered with the precision and consistency that only digital measurements and modelling can provide. For this reason, we will provide your patients with fine-tuned designs that minimize the need for ongoing tweaks and adjustments.

Conquering the learning curve just got easier. We offer in-office training for digital dental scanners for clients across Michigan. Our expert technicians provide comprehensive walkthroughs for your team members to learn more about scanning crown and bridge, to implants and dentures.

We understand that in today’s competitive market, you need to offer the most affordable prices to your patients so they can maintain their dental health. We deliver the highest-caliber solutions at the lowest possible prices. That way, you can pass the savings to your patients.

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Communicating with Dynamic Digital Dental Lab

Our new customer portal enables instant communication with one of our digital dental technicians allowing you to direct all aspects of your case. You can also manage your notification settings, review orders and case status, submit new cases, pay your bill, and more! Dynamic Digital Dental Lab focuses on providing dedicated customer service with each case, and our customer portal allows you to manage your account and cases efficiently. We provide 24/7 communication for our dentists so you can see the status of your case with all the details. We offer full transparency as we design and fabricate your dental restorations and appliances.

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If you’re looking to partner with us at Dynamic Digital Dental Lab or if you have some feedback about a specific case, we want to hear what you have to say. Follow the link to find the appropriate dentist forms.

Partnering with Dynamic Digital Dental Laboratory

Are you interested in working alongside Dynamic Digital Dental Lab to serve your practice?

Reach out to our digital dental laboratory in Michigan for full-service options for your dental clinic today. You may find yourself embracing a new way of ordering dental implants and cases alongside our innovative solutions.

Our team specializes in digital dentistry and digital dental laboratory procedures. We use cutting-edge technology to create bridges, crowns, implants, splints, and more. Our digital procedures allow us to complete these items quickly for you and your patients. The quicker processes also ensure that we can keep our rates low and support your business with those cost-effective services.